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Website Hosting

Safety, Security, And Reliability

It’s one thing to make a website and another thing altogether to find a reliable website host.

Think about it: as an auto service business owner, would you trust a partner business or supplier if you can’t even access their website? If that website is your first point of contact, what would having a faulty website say about their capacity to help you out?

This is the same logic potential customers apply when they look for the right auto service business online. Customers would click out of websites if they don’t load reliably, as they may think their safety will be compromised.

A reliable host for your website is a must if you want customers to click and stay on it. Advanced Digital Automotive Group has its roots in reliable web hosting that benefits our clients’ bottom line. Read more about why you should consider our services below.

Why Invest in Web Hosting

The digital world is constantly evolving, and as a dedicated business owner, you need to use your resources to keep up. Investing in a reliable hosting service will save you time and money down the road. Your customers will also thank you for having a well-running site!

Here are more reasons why investing in reliable web hosting is worth it:


Your Business is Available Anytime, Anywhere

Nothing will turn potential customers off than a website that’s always down. Reliable web hosting ensures your site is always accessible to customers regardless of the time or their location.


Save Time on Website Maintenance

Hosting a website involves more than dumping data in a server. A worthwhile web host takes care of background processes for you. This includes regular maintenance, including updating themes, custom coding, framework, and plugins.


Data for Improvement

Good web hosts give their automotive clients monthly website care reports. This report gives business owners data they can use to improve their website’s potential to draw more customers and enhance their online presence.


Protected from Malicious Attacks

Dedicated server hosting lets you relax, as your website can withstand any malicious online attacks. Your site is protected against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which can affect you and your customers. Your host servers should also constantly receive security and performance updates.

We Literally Wrote the Book on SEO for Automotive Service Business Owners

It is available for sale on Amazon or if you’re an automotive service business owner, we will send you a copy free of charge.

We offer every new client a book that covers the basics of SEO and digital marketing, free of cost, inclusive of shipping.