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About Us

Advanced Digital Automotive Group, a company in the making.

Advanced Digital Automotive Group is a division of Advanced Digital Media Services. Advanced Digital Media Services started in 2009 with only two employees and has grown today to a staff of over 36.

Years ago, we began focusing on the automotive industry because we ranked our first automotive repair shop, auto body shop, and paint protection company in the #1 top spot-on Google for their targeted search terms in their local respective markets. Knowing we could duplicate this success with other Automotive Service companies, we launched Advantage Digital Automotive Group with a team of content writers that have an extreme laser-like focus of creating great content for automotive service companies.

When hiring an SEO and/or website firm to take the responsibility of your automotive service companies’ digital presence, it’s imperative to work with a company with a proven track record.

One of the reasons we like the automotive industry so much is very few automotive services company owners focus on the web. They don’t seek out a company with a proven track record that can advance them on Google Search pages.

The top source of revenues for automotive service companies year after year is always the same, it’s referrals from current customers. The second highest source of revenue is always Google Search. So, the fastest way to increase your revenues besides getting great referrals from current clients is ranking first on Google for your keywords in the markets that you choose to pursue.

A quick note from our CEO:

We look forward to doing an analysis of your company’s website as well as your competitors’ websites and digital presence in your target markets.


Paul R. Donahue

“If you are going to hire an SEO company to rank your website for your targeted keywords, don’t you think your SEO company should be able to rank their website for their targeted keywords?”

Paul R. Donahue CEO

We welcome you to further investigate our strategies and philosophies. Our priority was investing in our own online presence first so we could prove to our prospective clients that we know what we are doing. The same staff and strategy that ranked us at the top is the same staff that we will utilize to rank your website. After we ranked our website then we began to market our services. It goes without saying, be leery of any digital marketing company that can’t rank their website in their target markets. We look forward to seeing if we are a fit for your business goals.

We Literally Wrote the Book on SEO for Automotive Service Business Owners

It is available for sale on Amazon or if you’re an automotive service business owner, we will send you a copy free of charge.

We offer every new client a book that covers the basics of SEO and digital marketing, free of cost, inclusive of shipping.